Digitize successfully service processes with remote maintenance

In the following article you can read how TECUMA Systems revolutionizes its service processes with our innovative Smart Service solution Remote Maintenance Assistance.

How TECUMA Systems reduces costs while increasing customer satisfaction

TECUMA Systems GmbH, an Osnabrück-based engineering company specializing in packaging technology, slitter winders, special machine construction and production optimization, relies on the latest technologies. Uwe Meyer, managing director of TECUMA Systems, explains: “Direct online access to the system controls and all the associated parameters and digitally recordable settings have been part of the standard equipment of a machine for many years. However, if the operator has to be supported directly in the handling of the complex machine / system, the use of cameras on the main operating units of the machine / system is frequently used. Or a service technician is sent directly to the customer.”

In addition to the maintenance of the systems, time-consuming and costly service processes follow when complex faults or incorrect settings occur. A project for the international corporation LOXY from Norway, with branches in Sweden, Poland, Germany, China and many other countries, is therefore equipped with a new digital service concept by TECUMA Systems.

The Smart Service solution “Remote Maintenance Assistance”, developed by the software manufacturer Bitnamic GmbH, enables cooperation of the machine operator on site with the remote expert through a multimedia session in real time based on a collaborative platform. Combined with the HMT-1 head mounted tablet, RealWear and Barcotec industrial smart glasses, support expertise is provided remotely to the machine operator. Thus, the onsite technician is able to continue his work on the machine with both hands free. Fully automated slitter cutters for safety materials in the textile sector are installed, maintained and supported with Remote Maintenance Assistance.

Uwe Meyer also mentions: “The elimination of the sometimes very expensive dispatch of service technicians, the faster and even more direct support of the operator / maintenance staff at the customer, the possibility that the operator can work with both hands on the machine and simultaneous visualization of information on the display will allow this type of additional service to be disseminated very quickly in the future.”

BARCOTEC GmbH has been active in the field of automatic identification since 1989 and helps customers with mobile devices and comprehensive solution concepts to gain market advantages by increasing their efficiency. The Austrian company is one of the market leaders in this field in the DACH area. BARCOTEC has been a development partner of RealWear for many years and a channel partner throughout Europe.

Practical use of Remote Maintenance Assistance with HMT-1 smartglasses

Hannover Messe 2018

At the Hannover Messe 2018 we are presenting our augmented reality and remote service solution Remote Maintenance Assistance (RMA).

Visitors can empathize with the role of a technician or remote expert and personally experience our smart service solution for remote maintenance. A real-time multimedia session, based on a collaborative platform, supports you in finding solutions.

Test our solution live on-site, whether using a smartphone, smartglasses or the Microsoft HoloLens, and find out how our smart service solution, specially developed for the maintenance, revolutionizes your service processes.

Register via this link for a free ticket (value: 70€) and visit us in Hall 2, Niedersachsenstand A08.

Maintenance Dortmund 2018

„Leading trade show for industrial maintenance”

At Maintenance 2018 we are presenting together with GiS mbh how Remote Maintenance Assistance combined with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems represents a technologically innovative all-round service solution for maintenance processes.

Experts receive audiovisual and data-based concrete state descriptions, the local technicians precise and direct instructions. By documenting the records, images and actual data, this data can be accessed during later maintenance and records used as instructions. This is an important aspect for plant manufacturers.

Visit us in Hall 4, Stand B11 and experience Remote Maintenance Assistance combined with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Register here via this link for a free ticket (value: 30€).

HackOS #2, the AR/VR Hackathon in Osnabrück

Thirty active participants – four industry partners – two experienced organizers – one successfull event!

HackOS, the AR/VR Hackathon in Osnabrück, took place for the second time last friday (27.10.2017). After intensive preparations and anticipation, we can proudly say: HackOS#2 was again a very successfull event!

Our industry partners Testia, CLAAS, Die Etagen and Netrocks presented four exciting use cases for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). Our participants, experienced as well as young programmers, were very motivated to discuss and realize the use cases. After a few hours the first ideas could already be presented directly on the AR/VR Glasses, Smartphones or PCs. The participants were guided and catered for throughout an exciting and educational day.

The organizers, Bitnamic and Salt and Pepper, would like to thank all participants, industry partners, the ICO, as well as everyone who supported us! We are already looking forward to the next Hackathon in Osnabrück, HackOS#3 in 2018!

If you don’t want to miss the date for HackOS#3 you can follow the Event on Facebook: HackOS on Facebook

Smartglasses in use for Quality Assurance

In the article of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM you can read how the use of our Smart Service Software simplifies and optimizes the processes in adhesive technology. In use are mobile devices as well as modern smartglasses. In combination with our Smart Service Software, supporting instructions and important data are provided in real-time.

The article with further information and advantages can be found online at the following link:

https://qualitaetssicherung.ifam.fraunhofer.de/de/schwarzes-brett/datenbrillen_qualitaetssicherung.html (German)

Source: Fraunhofer IFAM

Events in September

In September we will be present at two exciting events.

  • On September 21st you have the chance to meet us at EMO Hannover, the leading trade fair for the metalworking sector.
  • From September 24th to 26th the  smart.Remote Service takes place in Berlin. It is the biggest yearly industry meeting for remote service in DACH. We will be at the event all three days.

We would be happy to meet you in Hannover or Berlin for a personal meeting, to show you exclusively the newest advancements of our smart service solutions.

For a personal meeting please contact us at +49 541 3470090-0 or www.bitnamic.net.


Industry 4.0 at the Hannover Messe 2017

At the Hannover Messe we are presenting, together with SALT AND PEPPER, how existing plants can be networked intelligently, in order to show mechanical and process data inside VIOS. A connection to the plant is established with the Beat Monitoring System (BMS) of SALT AND PEPPER. With the BMS and VIOS, mechanical and process data can be captured  fully automatically and in real time. Inside VIOS, the Expert gets an insight in the data of the machine. This way you can increase your production efficiency and improve processes.


Visit us in Hall 11, Stand C15 and experience Industry 4.0 with the BMS and VIOS.



VIOS AR: The future of industrial maintenance?


Is Augmented Reality (AR) the future of industrial maintenance? In March at the CeBIT in Hanover we presented possibilities for using AR in service and maintenance processes. The visitors could experience an industry-related scenario, supported by the Microsoft HoloLens glasses and VIOS AR.

Our demo was about the process of examining an aviation component for material deficiencies.
The component could be examined by using an Ultrasonic Measurement Device. The procedure is called Non-destructive testing (NDT) – evaluating the properties of a material or component without causing damage. Usually a technician has to look at the monitor of the device, which the Measurement Device is connected to, in order to see results. With the HoloLens there is no need to do this, which allows for more efficient work. Within the demo the technician can see suspected damage areas as well as the scan results. This way he is guided through the inspection process. Continue reading “VIOS AR: The future of industrial maintenance?”

Prominent guests at the CeBIT

At the CeBIT in Hannover visitors could not only try our remote maintenance solution VIOS, but for the first time also VIOS Augmented Reality (AR) on the Microsoft HoloLens.


We are pleased about the great interest in our solutions and the many interesting conversations.
We were also very happy to welcome prominent guests: Among others were the Minister President of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, and the Mayor of Osnabrück, Wolfgang Griesert, at our booth and tried our AR solution on the HoloLens.


You can find interesting facts about VIOS AR at the CeBIT and about the future of industrial maintenance here.


VIOS and VIOS AR at CeBIT 2017

Bitnamic develops mobile Smart Services for Industry 4.0, to improve and cheapenclassic service processes.


At CeBIT 2017 in Hannover we present our remote service solution VIOS, that allows companies to make expert knowledge available wordwide without delay.

But Bitnamic thinks one step further! At our booth we are simulating possible scenarios for the future of industrial maintenance by using augmented reality. Experience the next step of digital service processes with the Microsoft HoloLens AR-Glasses.


Visit us at the CeBIT in Hall 6, Booth A18 and experience VIOS and VIOS AR live.