In service, diffe­rent solu­tions are often used for trou­ble­shoo­ting and provi­ding service. So-called ticket systems are frequently used for error reporting and commu­ni­ca­tion for resol­ving problems. 

Usually, these systems are the central point of call for service employees and are deeply embedded in the company’s processes. They also store important data that can be used to improve the company’s own products and service. 

This makes it all the more important to avoid data islands and non-inte­grated soft­ware solu­tions, i.e. to be able to access func­tions such as Remote Main­ten­ance from the ticket system. This is exactly what we make possible with bitnamic CONNECT. 

Our solu­tion connects Remote Main­ten­ance directly to your ticket system and/or customer portal, e.g. ServiceNow, MS Dyna­mics or, as described below, Sales­force.


Service support from anywhere, at any time with bitnamic CONNECT – Remote Main­ten­ance

Machine defects, down­times, produc­tion losses and the service tech­ni­cian on-site cannot solve the problem without expert assis­tance — compa­nies in the indus­trial sector are confronted with such service cases on a daily basis. To avoid long down­times and high travel costs, we have deve­loped bitnamic CONNECT – Remote Main­ten­ance: The solu­tion connects service tech­ni­cians on-site and experts world­wide in an inter­ac­tive video confe­rence. 

As no specific tech­nical device, login, app or program down­load is required, a joint trou­ble­shoo­ting session can be opened within seconds. A range of useful tools such as a laser pointer, flash­light, chat or white­board are available for snapshots and anno­ta­tions.     


Solving service problems quickly, easily and secu­rely, directly from Sales­force

The possi­bi­li­ties of bitnamic CONNECT – Remote Main­ten­ance can be easily inte­grated into your company’s internal service processes via ready-made inter­faces. This allows support to open a video session directly from Sales­force and solve service cases toge­ther with tech­ni­cians, experts or custo­mers. The bitnamic CONNECT – Remote Main­ten­ance func­tions described above can be used, too, of course.


Direct inte­gra­tion of bitnamic CONNECT – Remote Main­ten­ance in Sales­force

As soon as the video session has ended, all gene­rated data such as session dura­tion, exch­anged messages, photos and anno­ta­tions as well as parti­ci­pants can be saved in Sales­force. The coll­ected know­ledge thus remains in the ticket and can be accessed again at any time. All important KPIs can also be viewed on a dash­board, easily down­loaded and used for reporting.


Using the coll­ected session data to create reports directly in Sales­force 


Advan­tages of inte­gra­ting bitnamic CONNECT – Remote Main­ten­ance in Sale­force at a glance 

Thanks to full inte­gra­tion into your exis­ting system, there is no need to log in to other programs and the entire service process — from the support itself to the service docu­men­ta­tion — takes place in one central loca­tion, in Sales­force. This simpli­fies all processes. 


+ Direct inte­gra­tion in Sales­force 

+ No addi­tional tool, no addi­tional logins required 

+ Easy instal­la­tion 

+ Fast opening of a Remote Main­ten­ance session with just one click 

+ Easy invi­ta­tion of addi­tional parti­ci­pants via e‑mail or SMS 

+ Useful func­tions during the session for quick trou­ble­shoo­ting ​ 

+ Clear review process of the coll­ected session data ​ 

+ All coll­ected session data in one central loca­tion 

+ Flexible use of data for KPI reporting (e.g. ROI) 


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Inte­rested in further func­tions for service opti­miza­tion? The bitnamic CONNECT – Docu­men­ta­tion Hub offers exten­sive options for fast, centra­lized docu­men­ta­tion provi­sion. 

Are the shortage of skilled workers and service compe­tence acute chal­lenges in your company? With bitnamic CONNECT – Academy you can train employees or custo­mers easily and cost-effec­tively.