The new decade has brought uncertain times: The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is putting us to a severe test, not only in terms of health, but also economically. Bitnamic GmbH is no exception: We have no personal access to our customers, the borders are closed, and air traffic is suspended until further notice. As an industrial company, you probably also face such hurdles. Therefore, we would like to support you in your work – with free licenses of our Smart Service Software Remote Maintenance Assistance, RMA for short.

Solve maintenance and service problems without having to travel

Close borders, close airports – no problem with our location-independent communication solution for servicing machines and systems. RMA connects service technicians and experts in an interactive video conference. The live video transmission is designed both for WLAN and for mobile, self-sufficient use on site. In this way, the expert can assist the service technician anytime and anywhere.

In addition to the audio-visual exchange, useful functions such as the whiteboard, which allows annotations and highlights to be made, or the laser pointer, which allows certain areas in the video image to be pointed out. Of course, documents or images such as screenshots can also be transferred.

Further application possibilities of RMA

RMA was originally developed for service and maintenance, but can also be used in other areas. Support your employees by using our software solution to facilitate the assembly, design or installation of systems and components. Should difficulties arise, experts can be called in at any time via live video transmission.

Regular training and education is essential for a successful company, but especially in Corona times it is not feasible. Thanks to RMA, your globally scattered employees do not have to be trained in one place – the live video connection and features such as the aforementioned document exchange or whiteboard enable knowledge transfer that is just as impressive as when they work together on site.

Our Smart Service Solution for you with free licenses

In challenging times like these, cohesion is essential. That is why we are currently offering you our product Remote Maintenance Assistance in the cloud version with free licenses. The advantage for you is that the system is generally quickly operational and can be used immediately. You are welcome to test Remote Maintenance Assistance in advance without obligation, simply arrange a demo appointment with our Sales Manager.

You can find out how RMA is used in practice in our Case Study at TECUMA Systems.