Incre­asingly complex machines, world­wide loca­tions, costs and compe­ti­tive pres­sure — these are just a few of the chal­lenges machine buil­ders / opera­tors face. Customer requi­re­ments have to be met as quickly as possible, but there is often a lack of time and (quali­fied) personnel for 24-hour support. The solu­tion: digi­ta­liza­tion and remote main­ten­ance. The colla­bo­ra­tion between INSYS icom and Bitnamic offers both.

INSYS icom provides the hard­ware, Bitnamic the soft­ware

The company INSYS icom from Regens­burg, Bavaria is a digi­tiza­tion expert for indus­trial data commu­ni­ca­tion. With the help of speci­ally deve­loped hard­ware, espe­ci­ally indus­trial routers and gate­ways, produc­tion plants and machines can be easily linked. In this way, systems or other devices can be reached remo­tely and opera­ting data can be trans­mitted. Remote main­ten­ance, remote control, status moni­to­ring and networ­king of data form the corner­stones of INSYS icom and thus connect OT with IT.

As soon as a system has been equipped with a router from INSYS icom and connec­ti­vity has been estab­lished, Bitnamic comes into play: Our Remote Main­ten­ance soft­ware solu­tion — the main compo­nent of the bitnamic CONNECT smart service app — allows the service tech­ni­cian on site and an external expert to be connected in the form of a live video trans­mis­sion, for example, in the event of a problem. The WLAN connec­tion for smart­phones, data glasses or other end devices that are compa­tible with bitnamic CONNECT is enabled by the INSYS icom router.

Advan­tages of comple­men­tary tech­no­lo­gies

The combi­na­tion of the now networked system and remote main­ten­ance access via bitnamic CONNECT offers a multi­tude of oppor­tu­ni­ties for machine buil­ders / opera­tors:

  • Fast response times and opti­miza­tion of service calls.
  • Real-time data from the machine are made acces­sible to the user of bitnamic CONNECT via the INSYS icom gateway and thus provide an addi­tional picture of the overall situa­tion.
  • The external expert has direct access to the data of the defec­tive system on site.
  • Predic­tive main­ten­ance: When does the machine need service, when does a wear part break? Thanks to predic­tive remote main­ten­ance, poten­tial inci­dents can be avoided in advance.

INSYS icom and Bitnamic enable secure, imme­diate world­wide access to machines, which makes long jour­neys by experts — and the asso­ciated time and high travel costs — obso­lete.

The coope­ra­tion between INSYS icom and Bitnamic does not only offer the oppor­tu­nity to save money. To increase effi­ci­ency and thus increase sales, it is advi­sable to inte­grate remote systems into an (indus­trial) Internet of Things (IoT / IIot). This allows addi­tional value, for example through data-based process opti­miza­tion.

Test bitnamic CONNECT without obli­ga­tion

Digi­ta­liza­tion has become indis­pensable in the mecha­nical engi­nee­ring sector; those who want to remain compe­ti­tive cannot avoid jumping on the Industry 4.0 band­wagon. Bitnamic would be happy to assist you: Expe­ri­ence live the possi­bi­li­ties and addi­tional value for your service, free of charge and without obli­ga­tion. Simply request your preferred demo appoint­ment.

You can find more infor­ma­tion about the INSYS icom solu­tions on the website:

If you have any further ques­tions about the topic of system networ­king and connec­ti­vity, as well as opera­ting data acqui­si­tion, INSYS icom is at your disposal:


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