2019 is drawing to a close and thus a year full of exciting trade fairs, lively exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas. Some are still in the development stage, others are already mature and ready to be released into the world – like the “instant messenger of the industry”.

The Instant Messenger is the latest component of our smart service solution Remote Maintenance Assistance, or RMA for short. It is a mobile, video-supported software that facilitates service processes such as maintenance or repairs: A collaborative platform enables the technician on site and the external expert to communicate with each other in real time. Thanks to the video transmission, the expert immediately sees where the problem is and supports the service technician with his expertise. With the help of RMA, malfunctions can thus be rectified quickly, costs reduced and customer satisfaction increased.

The connection is established via web client or service app. A new addition is the “Instant Messenger for Industry” with server location in Germany: This enables an even faster exchange between service technician and expert before the actual video call. The operation of the Instant Messenger is simple and intuitive, a customer-specific design is possible on request. Of course, the “Instant Messenger for Industry” also offers all the advantages of popular instant messaging services:

  • Creation of individual chats and group chats
  • upload media like photos
  • Receiving push notifications
  • Profile adjustments such as absence
  • Individual status messages

Connect your help desk, your service technician and your customers – in short, take your service processes to the next level. For further information contact us.