On Saturday, 14.1.2017 a very special event will take place in Osnabrück.

The HackOS is Osnabrück’s first Hackathon in the field of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality.

Bitnamic is co-organizer of this event. Together with the Osnabrück-based startups Adaptvis, Forestage Technologies and Virtual Spice, we would like to show how much potential lies dormant in the Osnabrück area and the Weser-Ems region in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Participants and guests can get an introduction to these new technologies and develop and implement exciting concepts and ideas together with well-known industry partners.

In the course of digitalisation and “Industry 4.0”, companies must constantly face new challenges and cleverly consider new possibilities. Augmented or virtual reality opens up a multitude of exciting application scenarios. Together with the participants of HackOS and representatives of the companies FRIMO, Testia, Anlagenbau Habeck, GiS and Salt & Pepper we want to work on topics at the Hackathon to show how AR/VR can be used sensibly using the example of industry.

The participants of the event have the opportunity to get in direct contact with these innovative companies. The Hackathon offers the chance to work together with like-minded people on meaningful AR/VR use cases. All results will be published on GitHub.

We at Bitnamic are very much looking forward to the event as well as to a lively participation and hope for a high level of efficiency!