I. Bitnamic
  • How did Bitnamic come into being?

    The origins of Bitnamic GmbH lie in a university research project with the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. In 2015, just five years after the project began, Bitnamic was founded with the support of an EXIST grant. Thus, in the Osnabrück region a technology company could arise that offers smart service solutions “Made in Germany” worldwide.

    In the meantime, our team has grown to 18 members in the areas of software development, augmented reality, sales, marketing, finance and controlling. Through our innovative basic orientation and the cooperation with well-known customers and partners, we are reshaping the future of service and maintenance processes.

  • What makes Bitnamic stand out in particular?

    Bitnamic stands for innovation and quality. Our solutions are constantly being further developed by highly qualified employees, based on the latest findings. With bitnamic CONNECT, we offer an exclusive product that is individually customizable and at the same time device-independent.

    The goal is to adapt our solutions to your ideas and to integrate them completely into your everyday work. Digitize your service processes with us – make your company fit for Industry 4.0.

II. bitnamic CONNECT
  • What is bitnamic CONNECT and which advantages does the smart service solution offer?

    Imagine the manufacturer of complex machines, for example, airplanes. These aircraft are sold to airlines all over the world. The manufacturer additionally offers service in case of damage or maintenance.

    Let’s say a problem occurs with an aircraft in Vietnam and the airline cannot fix it itself. The manufacturer of the aircraft is located in Germany. Normally, a first attempt would be made by telephone to find the fault; if this is not successful, an expert has to travel to Vietnam.

    This is where our bitnamic CONNECT solution, in particular its main component Remote Maintenance, comes into play: We connect the service technician in Vietnam with the expert in Germany in an interactive video conference.

    The service technician holds his camera (preferably from smartphone, tablet or smart glasses) on the machine in question so the expert can see exactly where the problem is – from his office in Germany. In addition, snapshots can be created and edited to illustrate exactly where the technician has to work on, for example.

    Many other features and optional modules, such as the data-secure instant messenger for industry or the interactive CAD viewer, which disassembles 3D models down to the last screw, round off our product.

  • In detail: What is Remote Maintenance?

    Remote Maintenance is the core element of bitnamic CONNECT, our specially developed app for mobile collaboration. It is a mobile deployable, video-based service solution.

    In the case of complex machines and plants, special knowledge of experts worldwide is often required. With Remote Maintenance, Bitnamic brings this knowledge to the technician at the machine without any loss of time. In this way, downtimes can be shortened and travel costs saved.

    Developed specifically for maintenance, Remote Maintenance can be used even with low bandwidth, enables the integration of machine data and can also be customized. Design your own digital business model with the bitnamic CONNECT service app in your corporate design.

    Remote Maintenance is already used by numerous well-known companies and supports them in dealing with daily challenges in maintenance and service.

  • What distinguishes bitnamic CONNECT from other communication software?

    The difference to other video and communication software is, among other things, that bitnamic CONNECT does not need to be installed and runs on all technical end devices regardless of the operating system.

    Remote Maintenance can be used even with a bad internet connection thanks to the anchored mobile network optimization and can transmit the image from several cameras at the same time.

    bitnamic CONNECT is not an office communication tool, but was developed specifically for service and maintenance. Whereas video and communication solutions in the end-user sector are usually tailored to private use cases only.

    However, face-to-face transmission has not high priority in a maintenance case – in contrast to a stable connection and secure respectively encrypted data transmission. The focus of bitnamic CONNECT is to solve problems and challenges directly on site.

    We would be happy to personally present all the features and characteristics of bitnamic CONNECT to you.

  • Where is my data stored and what encryption algorithms are used?

    Your data (screenshots, sent files, video recordings, etc.) are stored in a cloud. Thus, no additional storage capacity is needed on your end devices and the data are available online immediately at any time.

    In addition, all transmissions are SSL encrypted. This corresponds to the same security level as for online banking.

  • Is bitnamic CONNECT also available in your own corporate design?

    On request, you can receive the web version of our software solution in your corporate design and CI-adapted iOS or Android apps.

    Place your own app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for your customers and employees to download.

  • How can I purchase bitnamic CONNECT?

    For a quick, easy start, our SaaS version is a good choice: In the form of a classic rental solution, you receive access to our system for a monthly fee, whereby we host the servers ourselves. Customization to your corporate design or even individual developments are possible on a project basis.

    If you need a purchase version of bitnamic CONNECT, please contact us. We will advise you without obligation which model fits your company and how our solution can best be integrated into your individual service processes.

  • What does bitnamic CONNECT cost?

    Pricing depends on your service requirements. With SaaS, you get access to our basic system for a fixed monthly fee.

    The purchase version, on the other hand, includes additional customizations and extensions that you can use to design your individual business model for service and maintenance.

    The noncommittal test phase we offer will help you to find the right model for your company. We would be happy to advise you personally on all options.

  • Can Bitnamic solutions be connected to other systems?

    Our smart service solutions can be expanded and integrated in many ways. One of the reasons for this is our partnership with other software providers, for example for enterprise asset management systems (EAM) or machine data integration.

    We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you personally and adapt our solution specifically to your wishes and your systems.

  • Who is already using Bitnamic solutions?

    bitnamic CONNECT is used by large, medium-sized and small companies of a wide range of industries. From mechanical engineering and agricultural technology to logistics and research – our solutions are successfully in use across all industries.

    We would be happy to discuss with you the various possible applications in your company.

  • Do I have to buy certain devices to use bitnamic CONNECT?

    bitnamic CONNECT is not tied to any specific hardware and can therefore be used on the devices you already own without any problems. Whether PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android) – you choose the device that best suits your service processes.

    You need both hands when working, for example in more dangerous areas? Simply access our software solutions via smart glasses to operate hands-free. If desired, we would be happy to present you with reference hardware, which you can also purchase from us.

III. Augmented Reality
  • Which smart glasses are supported?

    Currently, RealWear HMT-1, Vuzix M100, M300, M400 and Microsoft HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2 smart glasses are supported.

    Each of these smart glasses has its particular advantages in practical use. You can find a comparison of the top 3 smart glasses for industry in our magazine. In addition, we would be happy to advise you on which model best suits the daily requirements in your company.

    Generally, our solution is hardware-independent and can be interconnected by us to the smart glasses you require.

  • What is augmented reality and what opportunities does it offer in industry?

    Augmented reality (AR) is becoming increasingly important in the industrial sector. It means, reality is extended by virtual elements. Unlike virtual reality (VR), however, the environment remains visible.

    Augmented reality can be used with the aid of a wide variety of hardware, such as smartphones: The camera image is shown on the display and overlaid with virtual information. Smart glasses, which provide displays in the user’s field of vision, go one step further: AR content is always visible and the user’s hands are free for other work.

    Augmented reality headsets offer the most extensive possibilities. With their built-in sensor technology, they can spatially capture the environment and position virtual elements in the complete field of view. Objects can thus be precisely superimposed and ensure a fusion of reality and virtual content. In addition, spatial interaction between real and virtual elements is possible.

    An example of an augmented reality headset is the Microsoft HoloLens: internal sensors detect the space and holographic objects can be placed stably in the room. When the wearer’s position changes, the virtual objects remain in their original physical location.

    More information on augmented reality maintenance can be found in our smart glasses guide.

  • What is the difference between smart glasses and mixed reality devices like the Microsoft HoloLens?

    While smart glasses use 2D displays to show supporting information in the user’s peripheral field of vision, Microsoft’s HoloLens can display spatially appropriate virtual overlays on real objects. No separate display is used, but rather display elements located in front of both eyes in the field of view. This means that the entire space can be used to place information.

    Clarity and efficiency can thus be increased immensely. Together with the recognition of the room by the available sensors, it is possible that spatial overlays appear stably placed even when the user is moving. Just like smart glasses, Microsoft HoloLens also enables hands-free working.

    More information about Microsoft HoloLens 2 as well as its features and improvements compared to its predecessor HoloLens 1, can be found in our magazine.

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