As a long-standing provider of software solutions in the field of industrial automation, our partner Kontron AIS GmbH knows how to accelerate labor-intensive processes. In times of the coronavirus, which confronts us with previously unknown challenges in service and maintenance, this know-how is all the more valuable.

It is bundled in the EquipmentCloud®, an information platform for service and after sales in medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering companies. Our remote maintenance software is also integrated into this platform via API, so that support and knowledge exchange can be provided remotely without any problems.  

EquipmentCloud® – The all-round solution for machine builders

With technical innovations come more powerful, but also increasingly complex machines that are sold worldwide. But as soon as such machines are sold, access to them is lost – and with it important information that provides a better technical understanding for the machine operator. The EquipmentCloud® was developed to obtain valuable data such as internal connections, analyzed error reports, resolved problems, etc.

The cloud-based, agile IIoT platform makes it possible to map internal or external processes, collect and analyze plant-related data. It is made up of various user-friendly applications that provide all the relevant information on the machines and plants in question. These apps have been designed to solve frequently occurring use cases and associated problems:  


  • Service & customer portal: The EquipmentCloud® functions as a service and customer portal with integrated knowledge database. If a problem occurs, the technician or customer can help themselves. After logging in, he can access the information he needs directly via the equipment hub – the smart general overview.
  • Data analytics/Monitoring: The intelligent monitoring of equipment performance imports data from offline to real-time and evaluates it systematically. The resulting database provides support for preventive maintenance, AI-supported modeling and machine learning.
  • Process control: The summary of digital checklists and milestones in workflows provides an immediate overview of currently running processes. The clear assignment, including embedded due dates, enables standardized and transparent process optimization, both online and offline.
  • Device Management: Device Management allows IoT gateways to be managed and continuously monitored in the field. Software updates can be carried out remotely and any faults that occur can be effectively resolved.
  • Remote service: This is where our bitnamic CONNECT Remote Maintenance solution comes into play. It offers support for service and maintenance, process monitoring and training. Problems on machines can be solved faster with expert assistance, thus avoiding long downtimes.


Access to all functions of Remote Maintenance directly from the EquipmentCloud®

Our remote maintenance software is integrated into the EquipmentCloud® in form of the RemoteAssistant app. It enables service calls between customers or technicians facing a complex problem and external experts who provide troubleshooting assistance via an interactive video conference.

The session is opened from within the EquipmentCloud® via smartphone, tablet or smart glasses by the expert after the technician has submitted a service request. A smooth transition from the EquipmentCloud® to bitnamic CONNECT takes place via an appropriate interface.

As soon as the expert has triggered the call, the service technician receives a QR code which he uses to dial into the session. Thanks to the audio-visual connection, the expert can now get a comprehensive picture of the situation. Useful functions such as the whiteboard, which can be used to create and annotate screenshots, provide additional support in solving problems.

Following the video conference, all generated or exchanged information, data and documents are transferred and stored in the EquipmentCloud® via the secure Bitnamic API. In this way, the database is continuously expanded and a cross-departmental exchange of knowledge is specifically promoted. Should the same errors occur again in the future, service technicians have the opportunity to look in the EquipmentCloud® and help themselves.  


EquipmentCloud® and bitnamic CONNECT, a perfect combination

As it turns out, machine manufacturers and operators can benefit significantly from the EquipmentCloud®: Not only do they deepen their own knowledge and optimize processes by learning more about their machines and avoiding unproductive downtimes through fast troubleshooting – a quick glance at the comprehensive information database also saves costs and increases customer loyalty.

In combination with our Remote Maintenance software, high travel costs can be avoided, too, without having to forego direct, uncomplicated communication between service technician and expert.