Lübeck/Osnabrück, January 30, 2023 – Possehl Digital GmbH, a subcompany of the Lübeck-based management holding company L. Possehl & Co. mbH, has acquired a 25% stake in the Osnabrück-based digital company Bitnamic GmbH. Possehl Digital is thus expanding its corporate portfolio in the second year of its foundation with the addition of a specialist in augmented reality for mechanical engineering, while the new shareholder opens up a wide range of opportunities for Bitnamic to network and expand its product portfolio.

Bitnamic stands for innovation through modern technologies in maintenance, repair and service. The company specializes in digitizing traditional service processes. To this end, Bitnamic offers an augmented reality (AR) remote service solution that allows customers or field service technicians to connect quickly and efficiently with product experts from customer service for efficient problem solving in the event of maintenance, regardless of location.

“Creating something new together, optimizing existing service processes together – that’s our philosophy,” says co-founder Rolf Behrens. “In cooperation with our customers and partners, and now also with Possehl Digital, we want to reach the next level of digital maintenance processes.” Bitnamic’s solutions are used in various industries, in particular in mechanical and plant engineering.

Possehl Digital is the youngest of a total of 10 business units of the Possehl Group. In this context, Possehl Digital has set itself the goal of advancing digital transformation, particularly in medium-sized companies, and therefore forms partnerships and participations with digital solutions along the main value chains as well as important support processes.

“True to our motto “From medium-sized companies for medium-sized companies”, we are consistently expanding our solution portfolio and our digitization expertise for the Possehl Group with its approximately 220 companies. What our own companies need and consider to be good is also well received in the market,” says Dr. Joachim Brenk, CEO at Possehl and also responsible for the digital development of the Possehl Group.

“Bitnamic ideally complements our digital range of services. There are already various projects with Bitnamic in the Possehl Group, but also many other potential applications that have not yet been realized. In addition, there are concrete new product ideas, which we want to develop together with Bitnamic,” says Dr. Myriam Jahn, Business Unit Manager of Possehl Digital, about the new participation.

For Bitnamic, the merger means in particular to further develop its own broad range of services by cooperating with the in some cases significantly different business models of the Possehl Group and to be able to offer the best solutions on the market that are suitable for medium-sized companies. “We are looking forward to the cooperation and the opportunities that will arise on both sides as a result. What particularly convinces us about the Possehl philosophy is the great entrepreneurial freedom and the strong orientation towards medium-sized businesses,” emphasizes co-founder Alexei Kolesnikow.

The majority of Bitnamic GmbH remains under the management of the two founders Alexei Kolesnikow and Rolf Behrens. As before, the company’s focus is on the new and further development of digital solutions in the field of industrial service, now with a globally active group of companies as backing.

About Bitnamic:
The Osnabrück-based software company Bitnamic specializes in remote service collaboration solutions in the field of industrial maintenance and has also been working on the potential applications of augmented reality in industry for several years. Bitnamic was founded in 2015 by two fellow students Rolf Behrens and Alexei Kolesnikow as a spin-off from a research project of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences with the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Within a few years, the former start-up grew into a technology company with national as well as international customers and partners.

You can find more information about Bitnamic at https://bitnamic.net/en/

About Possehl Digital:
Possehl Digital is one of 10 economically independent business units of the Lübeck-based Possehl Group. Possehl Digital has set itself the goal of advancing the digital transformation from medium-sized companies for medium-sized companies and participates or enters into partnerships with digital solutions along the main value chain as well as important support processes of a medium-sized company from the industry in the B2B environment. Possehl Digital’s current portfolio of companies includes Possehl Analytics GmbH, Possehl Online Solutions GmbH, cluetec GmbH and Bitnamic GmbH. Further investments and partnerships are planned for the future.  

You can find more information about Possehl Digital GmbH at www.possehl.digital/en

Contact Bitnamic GmbH:
Bitnamic GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Str. 30
49076 Osnabrück, Germany
Tel: +49 541 3470090-0
E-mail: info@bitnamic.net

Contact Possehl Digital:
Christoph Haß
Investment Direktor
Possehl Digital GmbH
Beckergrube 38-52
23552 Lübeck, Germany
Tel: +49(0)451 148-278
E-mail: christoph.hass@possehl.digital