In the current issue of the i-Quadrat magazine for intelligent maintenance we present a scenario to make remote maintenance smarter and more efficient. An example from GiS (Gesellschaft für integrierte Systemplanung) and Bitnamic illustrates the advantages of linking enterprise asset management and remote maintenance systems for service and maintenance.

The use of the modern remote maintenance solution VIOS in combination with solutions such as enterprise asset management systems or additional systems such as SCADA, SAP or PDA provides a comprehensive picture of the situation. Experts receive audio-visual and data-based concrete status descriptions, the technicians on site receive precise and direct instructions for action. A positive side effect is the documentation of the activities carried out. By using the Remote Maintenance System, recordings, artifacts, images and actual data can be fed back into the documentation history. This data can be accessed for later maintenance work and records can be used as instructions. This is an important aspect for plant manufacturers, for example, when handing over or performing after-sales service for plants in remote regions. The knowledge gained, documented as error cause analyses in the knowledge database, can be used to continuously optimize plants and maintenance plans. Warranty cases can be clarified remotely on site, as it were. The number of persons at risk can be minimized in areas that are hazardous to health or in accessible or drivable containers in large plants. The distribution and use of third-party expertise is another advantage.

Further information on linking VIOS with EAT systems as well as the advantages can be found in the i-Quadrat article online at the following link or in the 02/2016 issue.

i-Quadrat article

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