Incre­asingly complex machines, diverse models, old and new problems: service tech­ni­cians are always faced with chal­lenges during commis­sio­ning, main­ten­ance or general trou­ble­shoo­ting. Even the most expe­ri­enced profes­sio­nals need support in some cases. But how is the supply of infor­ma­tion orga­nized? Do tech­ni­cians have quick access in order to anti­ci­pate costly produc­tion down­times?

The Insight-Report Service 2021, a coope­ra­tive study conducted by Kothes and the customer service asso­cia­tions in Germany (KVD) and Austria (KVA), is devoted to answe­ring these and other ques­tions about the need for infor­ma­tion in service (source: Instand­hal­tung).


Infor­ma­tion search too time-consuming for service tech­ni­cians 

One of the key findings of the study: 85% of the service tech­ni­cians stated that they did not have access to important infor­ma­tion and had to search for it first. This costs time and, espe­ci­ally when produc­tion delays or down­time are taken into account, money.



Digital infor­ma­tion sources and remote support instead of print and PDF

Also inte­res­ting: Print instruc­tions or PDF down­loads are not a suffi­cient source of infor­ma­tion for service tech­ni­cians in the field. Instead, they prefer digi­tally provided know­ledge, ideally in the form of mobile apps, AR or VR content, or remote support.



Our smart service solu­tion bitnamic CONNECT offers all this — and much more.

All infor­ma­tion in one place | bitnamic CONNECT Product catalog

Based on our many years of expe­ri­ence in the field of service and main­ten­ance, we know what hurdles tech­ni­cians have to over­come on a daily basis. That’s why we wanted to develop a tool that provides infor­ma­tion quickly and clearly.

Coll­ec­ting know­ledge, bund­ling know­ledge, retrie­ving know­ledge inde­pen­dent of time and place — this is what the bitnamic CONNECT Product catalog offers. Hier­ar­chi­cally struc­tured by cate­go­ries, it includes all products for which infor­ma­tion is available. This can be files such as texts, images or videos, related links, step-by-step instruc­tions or even 3D models. The search func­tion can be used to filter for a specific product and thus quickly access all the infor­ma­tion stored on it.

By using the bitnamic CONNECT Product catalog, service tech­ni­cians save valuable time because they do not have to search for it first. That hour(s) of rese­arch, which 85% of service tech­ni­cians have to spend, go(es) directly into solving the problem.

All infor­ma­tion can be accessed online on a mobile basis, all content is digi­tized and ready to hand at any time. Our sales team can present the bitnamic CONNECT Product catalog to you live on request.